The Attitude

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was thinking today about the many things that you can do with SQL Server. Things that go beyond what database servers are really designed to do. As I was thinking about the subject it reminded me of a discussion I had one time with a boss of mine right after I got out of the Marine Corp. This boss of mine was named Bill and Bill played a huge role in getting me back into thinking like a civilian and understanding what you need to do to succeed. Anyhow, we had this employee that worked for me and whenever we had an idea on how we can make something better or a new benefit to being a client of ours this employee would always come up with reasons not to do it. This guy’s name was John and John was 100% sure that the product we offered at that time could not get any better.

If you think about John he may be bringing valid points to a subject. There may have been many finer more specific points of a suggestion that he would just fight us on. If Microsoft handled business this way we would not have many of the cool neat new features that we do. To take it one step beyond that, another company may have produced something that had been tabled causing us to lose that money.

OK, I am done rambling. I am just saying when new subjects come across your desk maybe we should take a look at how it can be done, not always why it cannot be done. There is always the question on if you should do something that needs to be addressed. In my opinion it’s all in the attitude.


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