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What’s Up?

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I noticed today that I have not posted all the things that are moving forward this fall. I figured it was time we made a mention of it.

It appears that I may start doing a weekly guest editorial for SSWUG. I am really excited about this because of the size of the SSWUG community and the sharp people that are there. I have noticed time and time again when a question is sent to the group that they respond with a wide variety of answers. If you are not a member of SSWUG or do not get the daily newsletter now that is put out by Stephen Wynkoop you can sign up for that here.

Stephen Wynkoop and I just finished up DBA School. DBA School started as a 3 day class that covered 6 main topic area’s after running long a couple of nights and seeing that we could have had more discussions we have made an adjustment to the schedule. Now rather than 3 days it will extend to 5 days. We have removed the auditing session and are replacing it with a best practices session. The next DBA School will be in November as soon as we have a link for the signup we will be sending it out.

I have been working with the SSWUG community and with Paul Nielson to bring the SSWUG Community the Smart Database Design class that Paul authored. I have worked with Paul for a number of years and I know that this class is going to be something that you are not going to want to miss. You can find more information on that class here.

Over the course of the summer the SSWUG staff has been working hard to put together a Fall Conference that we will never forget. Names like Donald Farmer, Buck Woody and Kevin Kline will be presenting some great new sessions. There is also going to be a live room each and every day of the conference, so attendees can log on and during conference hours ask questions to speaker live on camera. If you have never been to a virtual conference this is a great way to keep up on the knowledge that you need without flying and paying for a hotel.

To top all that off I am working on two new presentations myself. The first one is for the business community to help them navigate the technology world and the second is a workshop on Data Clone’s. I could not think of a better name so if you have one I am open to it. The subject matter is all the different ways to move your data around from replication and transaction log shipping to data mirroring. This workshop should be on the web in the next week or so. Speaking of workshops there is one coming up on Oct 15th that will cover all you need to know about Backing up and Restoring your database. This workshop is about 4 hours long and has a lot of great information including a whole hour on how to restore data without restoring the database.

I am sure that I am missing a bunch of stuff, I will post it as I remember.