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SQL Quiz 5

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Most of my SQL Quiz questions I like to keep light. Today I thought I would change the pace a touch. I really want to ask and see what answers we get on a couple of questions.


  1. Do you feel that you have a reliable SAN Solution? If so what is the secret?
    1. This question comes from a tune up session I was doing last year. I had about 160 attendees that I had asked to stand and once they stood I said that if you are confidant in your san and it performance the way you need it to, remain standing. I think 98% of the people that were standing sat down. I have been from client to client that has SAN issues. I know that we have to find the area that we can meet where DBA’s and SAN Administrators can find that happy place in the middle.
  2. I was recently asked to describe SQL Server Database Mirroring. The client that I was answering the question for was trying to use database mirroring for a reporting server. When I explained to him the issues around this he asked me to describe in laymen’s term what database mirroring was.


    My Answers

    1. If you are a DBA I think you need to start learning SAN technology. Not for a job change of conversion, but I think DBA’s that can help with the configuration of the disks are going to be helpful, even with that being said I think DBA’s and SAN Administrators are going to have to reach out and really work close together.
    2. I described database mirroring as a potentially geographically disbursed failover solution. When I sit down and use it and look at the features that I have had a chance to use I see a clone of clustering on the database level that is not bound by physical location.


So as always I will tag two people and hope that those 2 post the answers and then tag 2 other people.

I am going to tag

  • Brent Ozar – He is a great SAN/DBA and I think he will have some great answers.
  • Jason Strate – Good SQL Guy and would love to see what he thinks.