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Fun with Restores

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just a quick note today, I have been pretty busy over the last couple days testing and working with restores. On the Agenda today is a number of items and the list appears to keep getting longer and the time shorter.

Today part 2 of a 3 part series on How to Hire a DBA is up and running.

Today will be the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group Meeting with Peter Myers.

July 16th
SSWUG will be publishing a new article that I did on some thought about a neat White Paper I was reading by Maurice De Vidts

July 21st is the Deep Dive SQL Server 911 Backup Workshop.

July 22nd to the 24th is the Summer Refresher Conference that will include the show down between Stephen Wynkoop and me.

July 29th part 3 of 3 on the series is up on How to Hire a DBA. (I believe if you register now it will be free)

In the middle of this schedule I have to find another slot of time for travel and see if I can start to make my way down to Tucson to get ready for the live event showdown.

I just loaded the new Micro Soft Office 2010, and to be honest so far I like what I see. I think there have been a number of improvements common menu options that I use. I will put more of this down later as I work with the tool some more.