On an Island with no Umbrella Drinks?

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was tagged by Tjay for this latest viral quiz. I am not sure where this one started but what the heck, it’s the summer and many times I am fighting the desire to be on one long vacation.

Here are the Quiz details

“So You’re On A Deserted Island With WiFi and you’re still on the clock at work. Okay, so not a very good situational exercise here, but let’s roll with it; we’ll call it a virtual deserted island. Perhaps what I should simply ask is if you had a month without any walk-up work, no projects due, no performance issues that require you to devote time from anything other than a wish list of items you’ve been wanting to get accomplished at work but keep getting pulled away from I ask this question: what would be the top items that would get your attention?”

Well there are a number of things that come to mind. First would be how do I get my camper, where is the power to hook my camper up to and do I have enough food for Smores. The reality is that I when I go camping or if I was stuck on an island my mind would continue to head back to work. I think the number one thing I would do would want to start testing and playing with the new features of SQL Server 2008. I would want to pick up enough detailed information where I could teach a workshop on something like database mirroring or the resource governor. As much fun as it is to learn something new and to do it in the idea lab environment I think I would have to use it on a real live system, that is where it is put to the test. Where I learn the most.

Now who should I tag…

I think I will tag Ted Malone, Jeremy Lowell and Donald Farmer.

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