The Second Most Important Thing

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

This week I have been nose to the grindstone on a new workshop that is designed for people that are not DBA’s but they have to fill that role. There have been many names for this subject matter from the First 30 days to the Forced DBA. But as I was working the other day I recall at one point when I was speaking at an event that I had mentioned that I believed that a DBA that could not backup a database should be fired. Now that I am working on a deep dive workshop about this subject and I am outlining all that I want to say I realized that Backing up your database is not the most important thing. It’s the second most important thing.

I am sure that by now you realize that the number one important thing with a database is being able to restore that database. Granted, if the database has not been backed up then you are not going to be able to restore it from a backup. So maybe I have got myself into one of those situations that may not be answerable. What is more important the backup or the restore? In my opinion it is the restore.

The more I get into outlining this workshop I realize that backing up and restoring a database cannot be explained just by covering the syntax of Backup and Restore. There needs to be the fundamental understanding of what goes into making that database work the way it does. Why do the checkpoints fire when they do? Why do recovery intervals matter? So as I go through this workshop, I will gain a baseline set of knowledge points that I will use to explain the first and second most important things that needed to manage a database.


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