Well this is the Week

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well if you have not seen a Conference done by SSWUG yet this is a great opportunity, We have expanded each discipline to include a SQL Server 101 track. So even if you are just starting with SQL Server or if you are being tasked with SQL Server administration or development, this is the place to be. Where else are you going to see expert speakers like this all in one place all for $125.00 per discipline?

As Stephen mentions in the SSWUG editorial today…

It’s vConference Week!
If you’ve waited to register, now’s the time. 
Get registered here!  It’s easy and painless.  Heck, you can even add-on a SSWUG membership for cheap!

If you’re already registered, a couple of things to know:

– You’ll be receiving an email with instructions on testing your system, how to get into the vConference, etc.  KEEP this email (Please) and do test your system.  It’s a simple thing to address issues now, not so simple later if you need to tweak a setting or two along with 1000 of your closest friends. 😉

– If you’re a twitter user, #SSWUGvc is the magic hash tag – add it to your tweets as you see things in the conference.  During the conference, there will be a live Twitter feed available on every page.  You can see the tweets going by as people comment on things that are happening.  Should be very cool.

– If you have questions about SQL Server, BI, .NET, SharePoint, please send them in NOW – Chris Shaw and I are doing a live session on the first day of the conference (during the mid-day break) and will be answering questions as best we can both submitted then and now – get in the list now for best results.  We can’t promise to know everything, but we can promise to get information as much as possible for you if we have advance notice.

– Haven’t registered yet?  Register here – live chat, 40 speakers, 130 sessions, live sessions, transcripts, slides, samples, demos, tips, best practices, fun times.  From the comfort of your chair.”


I plan to do a blog entry each day with the Questions that we are asked and what we answered, along with any conference news that we have coming down the pipe.   


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