When it Rains

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

What can I say about this past week, or even just the week end? When it snows it pours? Yup on Sunday I was stuck in the house with 6 inches of snow by noon. Just about the time that I started to head out to shovel the drive way I find that it is raining, yes rain and snow on the same day. I know it’s possible, I just have never seen it myself.

Up to that point I had been working on my backup laptop so that my wife could use it. It appears that the hard drive in her machine didn’t agree with us anymore and decided to go belly up. This laptop by the way is only 6 months old, a birthday gift for my wife. So we are waiting for a new hard drive to arrive sometime today.

After I finished up shoveling I took a little nap, it’s one of those things I like to do when the race is not on. When I woke up I found that none of my hardwired machines in the house were on the network anymore. I tried to correct the issue but I finally traced it back to the hub. So at 10 this morning I was in line at Best buy with my new hub, by the way that one is not working either…

End result is we are in full swing at SSWUG getting new features tested, getting the free community event up and running, then the conference next week…

So with that being said I need to get back to work. Before I do, I must share something that happened to me on Friday that is funny in no way was funny then.

I had to run out to grab some lunch, on my way back to the office, I needed to get my car washed, So It was a no brainer to stop by the touch free wash next to my house to run through real quick. There was no one in line and it would be a quick stop… So I ran my card through the little stand where you can put your number in if you buy it at the pump. But there was no way this was going to take my card. At that time I ran I figured it was time to go, but the garage door closed closing my exit to the front, and behind me I see a half a dozen cars now in line…

So I reach into my toll road money and pull out all I had, 6 bucks, the car wash was $7. I put in my bills and then started the hunt for quarters. They were a quick find, however the machine was more than happy to take them, just not count them. So Now I am a dollar short and still not exit path, I grab my card and give it another dozen swipes and no luck. This machine was not going to let me pay. I ended up having to ask the lady behind me for a dollar to get my car washed. End result, I will not be buying at the stand any longer, and I wish they would get those stupid help buttons to actually call someone.



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