SQL Server 2008 SP1

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

There were some rumors that it was going to be released running around today. These rumors were saying it would be soon, very soon. But I saw the link tonight and I thought that I would have to put it up here.


Service Pack one has been released. Now the question is do you upgrade? Many people wait for the first service pack release before they will upgrade to the new version of some software. I am a big fan of SQL Server 2008 and I hope to see more people upgrade now that the first SP has been released.

In the past I use to take the stance that if you were not waiting for something to come out in the service pack then chances are you should not risk the upgrade. With people working overtime trying to find new ways to breach the security for such systems you have to think that you should upgrade as soon as you can. Now I say this with some hesitation. Make sure that you are testing the service packs and checking out the release notes before you install this in production.

I know I will be downloading and installing in the Morning to make sure my test systems are up to date. If you are in the Colorado Springs Area remember there is a user group meeting next week. I look forward to seeing you there. Josh Jones will be presenting.


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