Connections Notes and some News

Posted: March 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Last week I gave a presentation on what the most important aspects that you need to remember if you are a “forced DBA”. A forced DBA is a person that is filling a Database Administrators roll. I had only an hour to cover the subject that we could have talked about for days. I mentioned during the session that I would place the notes here online for everyone to refer to.


  • Recovery – In my opinion this is Job number 1 for DBA’s
  • Backups – Without a proper backup strategy you may be able to recover some data, the question is going to be how much
  • Security – I have got to think that companies are embarrassed when they have to send out the letter to all their customers stating that their data has been comprised.
  • Performance – In many of the shops that I have worked in sub second queries were required. The importance of this is making sure you understand how to measure performance before you head out to fix it.

As far as upcoming news, I had mentioned to someone during the conference that I would be working on a series on how to archive your database, I just finished the second of a 3 part series and it should be on SSWUG.Org in the next few weeks. I have to tell you that I am also really excited about a couple of events that were just announced, one of the events I cannot mention until Friday this week, but keep your RSS feed reading here. This is going to be an event that I think you are not going to want to miss.

The other event has to do with something special that will be happening during the April SSWUG Conference. There are a lot of new things that we will be doing for the conference and I can tell you we are excited at what we are doing. Earlier this year the staff sat down with me and asked me for a list of things that I thought we needed to have in the conference to make it the best on line conference around. My list was long, and just for a challenge I tossed in some crazy ideas I had bouncing in the back of my head. Stephen Wynkoop also added to that list. All I can say at this point is I never expected that they would make it as far in the list as they did. A one features that I feel safe in telling you about is:

The picture in a picture – You know how when we are filming the speaker and they are ready to go to the demo, you then see their computer full screen. During this time you lose sight of the speaker. So if they do a hand gesture at the same time you may miss it. This is really going to help a lot of the sessions where they speakers talk with their hands, I am included in the guilt by the way. If you want to see a demo of what this looks like you can head over to SSWUG via this link This is the exact quality that you are going to see during the conference.

I will be announcing Friday the new event that I have been dying to tell you about and when I get a chance I am going to try to share some more of the features of the new conference with you this week. By the way, if you are on Face Book or Linked In we have pages up there where we also place the announcements. Search for SSWUG and you will find it, or you can try these links.



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