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My wife and I were sitting at lunch today talking about a few things that we had learned. More really on that fact that the discussion was about a topic that is very dear to my wife and I, however she has spent the last few years really studying it. The discussion was religious based and is something that depending on who you are talking to has many different opinions. Now with that being said, this entry is not based on the religious question but a comment that I accidently made while we were chatting. I said, and for people that know me know how this just does not sound like me, but it just came out. I stated that:

Questions are the beginning of knowledge.

First of all I don’t find myself to be a philosopher, and I really don’t mean the statement to be some overwhelming light that just turns on inside anyone’s mind. But the more we sat that and talked about it I could not help but to think of how true that was. I reflected back on a conference that I attended many years ago. So long ago in fact that I cannot remember the year, the questions that I asked or anything else that surrounded that conference other then this was my first view into learning more about SQL Server. It was the SWYNK conference that was held in Tucson; I was there and met a number of really sharp people. People that I still know, and talk to today.

I remember being there and spending hours after the conference talking to people like Sharon Dooley, Mike Hotek, Bill Wunder and Stephen Wynkoop just to name a few. There were many others that were there. I remember sitting around either dinner, or around the pool just talking about any and all things SQL Server. It was about the most awesome learning experience that I have had to date. Being able to sit with experts and just ask questions. When I would ask these questions they would discuss the answers with me and that would lead to even more questions.

Today I still have the opportunity to ask these questions and sometimes to the same group of people and sometimes to new people. I write this the day that I have just come back from filming 3 sessions for the SSWUG conference and I am thinking that people now ask me questions on occasion. I feel like my roll has changed, but I have to remember that for me to keep learning and staying on top of new technology that I need to continue to ask questions. Even if I ask the questions to myself, and then I set out to learn the answer to that question or I am speaking to experts in the field talking about a subject.

Point that I guess I am trying to make is when you are at a conference, when you are working keep asking questions, keep moving forward. There are many people that don’t ask questions at conferences because they may feel like the question is one that may embarrass them, or they just don’t want the attention, however that does not mean you cannot email the speaker or catch them after the session.

Just figured I would share what was on my mind today.