Archive for March 7, 2009

Well I thought I would apologize to those who read my blog on a regular basis, I changed themes and it may take mew a week or two to get it just right. I would like to add some of the twitter feeds, and the ability to Digg if for some reason you think that this should be on the Digg list. So hang in there with me. If you notice something that just bugs you please let me know. I would hate to think that I am pushing people away.

So off to the disclosure part. Just in case you were not aware, I wanted everyone to know that I am the site manager for SSWUG. I also am the Chair for the Some of my entries will be about these items, I would hate to think that people may think that I would try to pull a Wal-Mart camping blog scam on them. Many of my entries I do are for research on topics that I would like to speak about, or may even already have planned. But the majority of my blogs entries are about SQL Server, what is new, what I am hearing and who I am meeting. I get to meet a lot of great DBA’s doing what I do. So there it is, it really should be no surprise. I believe I mentioned it before, and I know its in my Bio somewhere on here.