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SQL Quiz 3

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I figure I will do this every few months. I like the fact that you can learn a lot from people and sometimes when you tag those with an off the wall question then you get to know them a little better. This Question is focused all about the economy, I hope that the people that get tagged or both employed full time and some our contractors. The rules are pretty simple. Take the question that I am tossing out there, answer it on your own blog, and then tag two more people. If you send me a note, or I catch that you have answered it I will link to your blog so everyone can see all the answers.

The question:

Do you feel like you are being treated fairly at your current or past employers? The question stems from the fact that very few people today stay at a company 20 to 30 years like they did when I was growing up. Do you feel like the company feels a loyalty toward the employee or do you think that they look at you just as head count? No reason to get yourself in trouble, so you can refer back to past employers. The one that I will talk about is by far a past employer, about two years ago.

My Answer:

A few years ago I worked for a company that I thought cared about their employees. There was even people on the staff in management rolls that were pretty understanding of the fact that if you child had a choir performance, or had to go to the Doctor they would give you time off. I thought this was great. But then I saw the true colors. This company could care less about the employees then any other company that I had ever worked for, I had people that worked for me and I was being told that we needed to work them more hours to meet project deadlines that we completely unrealistic. The company knew they could not meet the goals they set out but still felt that they had to over pressure developers and other staff. Not that this was bad by itself, I had one employee who worked for me that almost got divorced because of the time he was at work, another who ended up having to quit because of the hours.

But here is where and why I think that many companies today do not have a loyalty to employees. When I worked for this company I hired and fired my staff. One person that I hired had never been a dedicated DBA, however this person did have the desire to learn. Because of his experience I was limited to hiring him as a Jr. DBA. After 6 months with the company it was clear that he was not a Junior DBA. This guy was hard core. I would go as far to say one of the best people I have had the pleasure of knowing. He picked up technology with no issues, he was sharp as a tack. To give you an idea of his work ethic, one day me and some fellow employees were sitting and discussing weekend plans, one of the Sr. DBA’s that worked for me said he was going to Sod his yard. Well the Jr. that is my focus showed up on Saturday with boots, gloves and ready to work. He did not mention he would be over before hand. This was the same dedication he showed me towards his job.

After 6 months I gave him a raise, and he continued to excel at everything he did. He pushed and worked harder then I have ever seen. 6 months later I gave him another raise. After a year he was working on projects that were well above his pay grade. He was getting them done on time and was really the model employee. At the next 6 month interval I went to my management and let them know I would like to promote him and get him in the pay grade for the work that he was doing. He deserved it. I was told no based on the number of raises he had up to this point and that he could not receive that percentage of a raise.

So what happened, I had to tell him that I could not do it, he left the company a short while later to make almost 20% more then what he was working for me. Once he turned in his 2 weeks, my management freaked out and asked me to make him a counter offer that would show him we could do it. So now I am a liar, and the only way to get a raise is to go find another job? He declined, and I can understand why, I would have as well. The end result was the company figured that he would not go out and find another job. The thing that upset me the most… When the replacement headcount came in they said they were willing to pay 10K more then the largest offer we had made to the employee.

The place where I work now cares, and I know because I have conversations on a regular basis on the morale, well being and my overall satisfaction. I have a great job now, but where I did work, I would recommend that to no one, I have another friend that is still there, and he says it has not changed a single bit.

So what do you think, do you think companies are loyal to the employees, do you think they want you to stay around, or do you think they find that you are replaceable and let you know that by their actions. I am curious. I am going to tag:

Brent Ozar

Kathi Kellenberger

SQL Fool (Michelle Ufford)


I look forward to the answers.