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Ok Day one of the SSWUG site has been up, and as I promised I would tell you about some new features. First of all I wanted to let everyone know that this site has been done with a lot of input from our users. We also welcome any input that you would like to give us about the site. We have a lot more coming your way. At this point I can not say to much about what the future holds, see there is this whole NDA thing. I will be talking to the team next week to see if we can give you a little glimpse on what is coming up next. But what is on the site now:

This is by no means a complete list, but more of my top favorite things that we have done. Everything that the development team has done was focused on a couple major ideas. We want to make sure that you can find SQL Server Content in many forms, we want you to be able to network and discuss even more, and we want it to be easier and faster for you to find. So here are my top few favorite things.

Multi Media right there on the home page. You can see the latest Select views show that is now filmed in HD so you have the best video quality you can get. Not only are you going to see the most recent Select Views show right there on the page but you will also see the most popular videos on the right hand side. So if you are not always into just reading articles, or watching the old Screen Capture Webcasts you now have videos where you can see who is speaking and what gestures they make. This is a great teaching tool for people like me who are speakers. This has been the direction of SSWUG for a while now; the difference is now you see all forms of the different Mediums right there on the homepage and its easier to find what you are looking for.

Upcoming content section will keep you in the loop on what articles are coming out. If you see something that is there you want to make time for you will have plenty of notice. Also in this section you will see upcoming events. So if there is a local user group that is working with us you are going to see their meetings times right there or if there is a conference, camp or other educational items, you are not going to miss them because you did not know about them.

Forums have always been one of my favorites. But the new forums give you a whole new look at communicating. If someone answers your question and you want to know who they are or what they have done you can see their profile. This leads me into my next point.

User Profiles each user gets a profile page where they can post information about themselves. You can tell how long they have been a member, how active they are on the site and what accomplishments that they have received. I really like this feature because, when I have a question or if someone asks a question I can quickly see the profile and get basic information about them. I will know things like if they are new to the Site, or new to SQL Server. This helps me network with the people who do what I do, a great way to exchange ideas and work on making new friends. Here is a screen shot of the user profile.

So with all the changes and with all the new ways to get around the site the Lead Developer on the project, Nick Cheever recorded a video so that you can see how easy it is to get around. This is an awesome chance to have some input into how we move SSWUG in the Future. Check out the tour. And a huge thank you to Nick Cheever, thanks for the long hours, thanks for the attention to detail, and thanks for putting up with all the questions that I ask, and then turn around and ask you again. Another big Thank you needs to go out to all the staff at SSWUG that went above and beyond to help make this and many other projects keep moving forward. Amanda, Brenda, Michaela, Alicia, Kathy, Nelson, Charlie, Josh, Charles, Randy and Stan. All you guys are awesome, If I left someone out I did not mean to.