So Much to Do, So Little Time

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, things are not starting to get crazy around here. The last few weeks I have been spending a lot of time getting the speakers lined up for the Spring 09 vConference. We have a number of really great speakers that are joining the Conference this year. I am really excited to see this (You would not believe how many MVP’s we have this time around). I think every group of speakers that we have are great, but I think that you may agree that this year we have the best line up to date. The speakers have not been listed as of just yet, we are waiting on some final details to come in so keep your eyes out. I can tell you that there are people that will be speaking that you do not want to miss (Developer Evangelist of the Year). Speaking of the Conference there is a huge discount that is happening right now if you sign up. It’s that whole early bird thing. Some of the things that you can expect this spring from the show…

  • There has been a track that has been added. This track is designed to help people just learning SQL Server. It’s a 100 level sessions only. I believe that for any conference that you sign up for you will receive this track.
  • All new content.
  • HD Camera’s – SSWUG has been listening to its customers, they wanted the best quality so we went out and got it.
  • New Camera angle – We did not have a request to see more of the speakers but we found with the some of the visual aids that we use that another camera angle would really help.

Many people have thought that our conference is a slide deck and a speaker giving you the information that you want to know. There is a video here that shows how this conference is different.


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