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Well it looks like I have been tagged by Jason Massie. This one is in a very timely fashion from David Stein, more or less it boils down to what New Year Resolutions that I have. Now these do not related to the standard one like fit into the same Jeans that I wore in High School, because well that will never happen. These are more related to what I want to accomplish this year along the lines of my career. I find this to be a great tag for one major reason and that is I believe strongly that everyone should have goals so if you are not the type to like resolutions think of this as a goal.

  1. I really want to learn a lot more about Web Site Management. Not just the technical side but the business side as well.
  2. I am going to start writing on a regular basis for SSWUG. I should be doing an Article a week. In addition to this I want to also follow those up with a couple webcasts a month.
  3. I am planning on speaking at least at 5 events this year.
  4. I am planning on diving deep into SQL Server 2008.

Well now comes the time where I have to Tag people. I hope they have not been tagged yet:

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