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Newest SQL Patch

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Uncategorized


Well there is a new SQL Server Injection attack that is going around. It looks like they are using the stored procedure sp_replwriteovarbin as a way to create havoc on your system. To read more about this, Google “sp_replwriteovarbin”. I made mention of this to Stephen Wynkoop and he included it in the newsletter for SSWUG. Stephen made some good points in the newsletter about way that you can avoid this and I thought they were great tips seeing how it is right before the major holiday season. I would like to Thank Sarah Barela for bringing this to my attention. When her and I talked about it she was well on her way to getting protective measures in place.

Something that I have always found of interest and please let me know if you think I am crazy. It always feels to me like these come out the week before or the week of a major time off period. Times like Spring Break, Christmas or even the start of the summer like we had this year. Is it just me? Maybe there is something that we should look at if these time frames match up like they do in my mind.

Back to the topic, there looks like Microsoft released an update to help with those who may be impacted by this. So you may want to head over there and check it out before you take off to enjoy some time away.