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Budget is Tight?

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today I other then freezing, it’s a -5 degrees here in Colorado as I write this, I was finishing up some thoughts on economy. I have no opinion that I care to share on the economy itself other then how it impacts us as DBA’s. Jan 1 is just around the corner and those enough that are fortunate enough to have a budget for our SQL Servers, chances are they have already been set. I recall working a few years ago and we knew what we had to spend in Jan by the end of November. I would have a set number of dollars that I could use on my SQL Servers, training, staff and so on.

At the same time I got the budget I was expected to plan how I was going to use that budget and let the company know what they were going to get for the money that they spent. Some years the budget would be better than others, I imagine that for many people the upcoming year is going to be a tight one. Because of this I am starting a new article series; I could not help but thinking that I still today see many companies upgrading hardware when they are running into performance problems. Granted with hardware some maybe even many performance issues could be fixed. It is my belief that many systems could really use some elbow grease that in the long run will save them. Some of these items are Archive Plans, or index evaluation.