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Is Making it Easier Really Better?

Posted: December 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Over the last few years, ok since computers have been around we have been trying to make everything easier, take the internet for example. I remember the days when I would have to sign on to a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) just so that I could access this crazy thing people called e-mail. Then came along the World Wide Web, it was the greatest thing; I mean it was something that no one could live without. I had to pay extra to my BBS so I could get connected to it. In comparison if you look at today my computer at home is never off the internet, my laptop can connect to the internet where I buy coffee. This progress in my mind has been great. I love the ability to have info at my finger tips. As great and as far as the internet has come, I am not sure that easier is always better.

If we move forward to the release of ASP and I started working with web pages and databases. When I set up my first database I had to know exactly how much space I was going to need. I had to create a device and size it, after that I had to create a database in that device. The same is still true if you step back and look at it. The devices have been replaced by file groups, but are they different? They have some added features like the file can grow by itself, you can even tell it to shrink if you are that brave. The database still gets put on those files or devices. You can have multiple devices, or files they still create by growing to the size you tell them on initial creation.

But, now we have companies that can go out and buy a point of sale system that can be installed with no problems, it creates the database on its own and does its thing, but for the small business owner who manages that. For the business owner who owns a small car wash can they afford an IT Staff? Do they get a server with multiple drives and do they have offsite storage for their backups? Do they know how to recover the database when it goes down, what about the point of sale system? Yes there are companies that help with this, but does that make it better for the car wash owner. I think it does, there is a lot they can do with the information that they are storing now. But do they know how to get to it? Are they taking full advantage of it? I don’t think so.

Let’s look at what we do as developers. There are applications out there that will generate the SQL code for you. There are web pages that build the SQL Statements dynamically. But what happens when the database is not ready for those SQL Statements? What if there are no indexes for that combination.

Really all I am saying today is that we really need to work as a team to get apps developed. Just because we can get our web pages so dynamic that someone could search by every attribute in a table should we really allow that?

Just a rambling today…