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Posted: December 8, 2008 in Uncategorized


It has been a few days since I put something up so I thought I would post a message and catch you up to date on a couple of things.

First of all the Article that I mentioned that was going to be sent out looks like it will go out around Dec. 12th. This article was an article comes from some research and testing that I did on HyperBac. HyperBac is a SQL Server Backup Compression tool that is bringing some new really cool toys to the market place that I like a lot. The creators of HyperBac were greatly involved with the creation of SQL Lite Speed.

Second I was in Tucson last week to film some webcasts and a few sessions for a project that has yet to be announced. As I stood on the new set that SSWUG has for many of its projects I could not help but to sit as compare it to some of the older shows that we have done. The advancements that the team has made just are awesome. The Webcast that I filmed will be aired on 12-11-08. You can sign up for that here if you are interested in watching it at all. The web cast is titled: Understanding the Hazards that Zap your Hardware Resources! The Description of that web cast is:

This webcast will explore the challenges around maintaining optimal performance in a SQL Server environment while keeping downtime to a minimum. Well discuss methodologies you can take and use to administer your environment efficiently, and offer solutions to easily view server resources and anticipate growth.

    This webcast is sponsored by Quest Software. Thanks Quest.

To get a quick glimpse of what the folks over at SSWUG are up to in creating an even better on-line video experience check out this week’s Select Views Show.


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