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Bond, James Bond

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*Slight Spoiler Alert* If you have not seen the movie please consider reading this. I will not be giving anything away the plot. And yes this is my normal SQL Server Blog and this is not about SQL Server today.

Ok so I know this is nothing to do with SQL Server, but I figured 2 things. One James Bond Movies seams to be a good fit for something that most Computer Geeks would like to watch, I am not sure about you but I can tell you there have been hours that I have been sitting in front of a James bond Movie and wanted to get me one of those watch’s where I could locate a pre-placed plug and I could follow it around the world. I wanted the watch that had the high power laser so I could ZAP an old boss of mine that was trying to change security in my database.

So here it goes… My first ever Movie Review.

James Bond is not a person, he never really was, he is a name that they have attached to a number of actors over the years that played the same human. However after watching Casio Royal a few years ago I had this feeling that they were trying to tell us that James Bond was not his real name. No more then 007 is his real name. James Bond is 007 and 007 will always be James Bond. I don’t have an issue with this, I like the idea where the writers have decided that they had to well replace not just the actor but the 007 himself. The idea Of James Bond having to make his first kill to become an agent was cool. But he doesn’t ever refer to old missions (not that I recall); he does not have the same personality traits that past James Bond’s had. Near the end of the Casino Movie I mad, he was not kissing all the girls in the movies, and he was falling in Love, WHAT… He has feelings? James Bond does not have feeling, for goodness sakes I don’t want him to have feelings he is an spy. I don’t want my spy in my spy story to be worried about something other then his mission. Get the bad guys or bad girl.

So I went into this movie trying to figure out if this is the same Bond of yesteryear. Now the new James Bond needs counseling to cure that broken heart, what the heck? Other small notables are he never says “Bond…. James Bond” Where is my tag line, where is my, hey look bad guy that wants to rule the world, I am going to kill you and get all the girls doing it. Now this is not by any means my view of how you should live life, this is not my theory on how you treat girls. It was Bond’s. I know what you are thinking he did get married once. But only once and the very next movie she was a Mark before the first 5 min. were done. The new James Bond has to deal with the red tape politics with his Boss, and he his doing his job with a broken heart and he is doing it with out his gear… What the heck.

With that being said I had a feeling that I was watching a Borne movie with Bond playing Bourne. I can tell you that I think that he is my favorite second Bond ever (No I am not going to tell you who is my first). Craig is getting the job done, and the movie I think is great. I loved the movie, but it’s a new era for Bond, I want Craig to stay, but I want “Q” to come back, I want to see the door that the bad guy knocks on in the lab and it swings open to crush them. I need Bond to be Bond and not Bourne. The movie was great, I will buy it and I will watch the next ones. My hope for the future is that Craig does not do any other Movies other then Bond for the next 5 or 6 years. I don’t want to go see Craig in some other action movie like what Jason Statham is doing. Craig is a great actor, he is a great Bond the story line is great, but I want Bond James Bond back and don’t forget Q and his toys.