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What’s Coming Up?

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As I sit here in the airport I have some time to think about the year ending. It was not just weeks ago I was getting home from SQL Connections and the week prior was the SSWUG Conference. The week after Connections was PASS, so if you were able to make all 3 I would think that you should be ready to pass most any test put in your face at this point. It got me to thinking that Spring is just around the corner, and with Spring being here there are a couple of more events that I am getting ready for already and I hope that I can catch up with as many people there as I can.

First is the SQL Connections that is held in Orlando. This one is over 2 weeks and if I recall off the top of my head will be the second and third week in March. This is a great conference to go to for that quiet conference feel. There is not a lot of distractions in Orlando like there is in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I like going to Vegas but after about a week of it I am ready to head home. The noise drives me crazy and this year I figured that the average meal ran me about $50.00.

The second event will be coming up near the end of April it will be the SSWUG Ultimate Conference. From the looks of it the format is going to be close to the same as it was in the fall. A few changes that you will see:

  • The schedule is going to be more themed. This time around you will see multiple sessions on a single subject. Almost like to take someone from a beginner to an expert in the sessions.
  • Even more SharePoint and .Net development sessions.
  • There is going to even be some sessions for the beginner level, possibly even a group of sessions that are focused on exams.
  • But all of this will be new material.

The last thing that I want to mention and not really mention is that there is a new web site that I am hearing rumors about. This site is going to focus on video education and is going to give you the ability to become educated by lecture method without the cost of going and sitting though a week long class. I am really excited about this new site and as soon as I hear more you can be sure I will be posting it here.

Well my plane just pulled up to the gate. So I am heading out of Dodge and off on my way. I hope to be posting a few things in the next week. For you that travel as much as I do or even more than I do, I am sorry. This really does get old.