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SQL Server 2008 IntelliSence

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Pre release of SQL Server 2008 I did a number of presentations on the new features that were going to be in SQL Server 2008. At the time that I was working on these presentations I was working of any number of the CPT’s that were out. The problem with working with CPT’s is that features sometimes change and most of the time they do. Here is where I have to mention some of the items that I presented on were not correct. One of these is a feature I thought I would love, but with my use to this point I am starting too loath. Keep in mind I have not worked with the production release but for a short period of time at this point so it could just end up being something that I need to get more use to. This feature is called IntelliSence.

What is it?

According to Books on Line “IntelliSense in the Database Engine Query Editor supports the following syntax elements when they are used in one of the supported Transact-SQL statements…”

In English or maybe a little easier to understand, it bring some functionality from Visual studio and Word into the query window. Let’s say that you working on a query and you start typing

Select * from sys

But that is as far as you get before you get the drop down to help you complete the statement. It looks like this


Now this query is only there to show you what it is but you can see from the drop down that I can now select databases, objects and so on. The other feature that you may notice is the Word Famous Red underlining. This is to let you know something is not like it should be, I see this a lot as I type.

Why is it bugging me?

Well I have reached a point where I have been working on some queries that have multiple columns in the table that have the same first few letters. For some reason I am having a difficult time telling it I want “Moviereview” instead of “MovieName”
I have mouse clicked on it and it seems to always default back to the first one it pick. Again this may be just the way that I am using it and I need to get better at doing it. But I have even arrowed down and hit enter and it defaults back to the name I don’t want. I will post more as I figure out the fix.

If you want to turn it off.

I am not going to turn this off until I am sure that it’s not me doing something wrong. But if you are having the same issues that I am and you just want to turn the feature off simply in your SQL Server Management Studio select Tools – Options once you get the Options drill down you will find this under Text Editor – Transact-SQL – IntelliSense.

Remove the check mark and you are back to what you are use to.