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Dev Connections

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today was a big day at connections and to think that by this time tomorrow night we will be over half way done. When Connections heads into Las Vegas you are sure that your days are going to be long. I started my day be sitting though a Key Note by Scott Guthrie. I did not realize how much Microsoft had released until Mr. Guthrie went through the list. The rest of the day was filled with sessions all by Microsoft speakers. I like the way that Connections has all the speakers from Microsoft schedule for one day. It gives us a good look at where they see the products going. There was a great session by Goldie Chaudhuri on spatial data. But the big buzz I am hearing is how everyone can not believe how easy the new report builder is.

After the last session the exhibit hall opened with in my opinion the best food yet. Everyone filled up on Pizza and drinks were all around. Jeremy Lowell and myself went from there over to a new event that was being hosted by Microsoft where we mingled with other speakers and some vendors, the subject matter was all about computing green. Green the new keyword that is really just a way that we can plan on saving on resources with many times the side benefit of a cost savings as well.

It’s great to see all the speakers and old friends that we get to see twice a year. But I have to keep my head about me with 2 weeks in a row of conferences it makes it difficult to keep the energy level up. I speak tomorrow and will be presenting on Lessons learned from SOX Audits and My first 30 days as a DBA on a new Job. So it is off to bed with me and I hope to post more tomorrow. I already have a great meeting set up and a dinner with SQL Sentry to talk about what we would like to see in their products.