SQL Quiz Part 2

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well it looks like both the people I tagged have turned around and posted, Brent and Jason. Brent turned around and tagged the SQL General and I loved the answers. If anything I hope this goes to show that everyone makes mistakes, So when you do, remember that just makes you human. In the same spirit I am going to tag a few more people tonight.


So Paul, Ted, Kathi you have been tagged. Please fess up to what mistakes you have made.


In other news…

Day 2 of the SSWUG Conference has been the most exciting yet. There were some great sessions, Sarah Barela did one on Database mirroring that was awesome as well as Paul Neilson, I like his teaching style. What I like the most is the chats. I met RJ during my last session that was looking for a performance monitoring tool. I also got to talk to people today that were on the other side of the planet. I don’t know about you but I still thing that is exciting. Without going in depth a man named Carlos made my day. I am always happy to see that an attendee can be willing to work with me on an issue.

Another thing that I found that was great is that I talked to multiple people who are going to be in Vegas for SQL Connections. I made mention that they should look me up so we can chat. I hope they know that I am serious about this. I think it is really neat to hear about other SQL environments, what issues they have and what they would like to change.


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