SQL Server 2005 “I’m not dead yet”

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

After the release of SQL Server 2008 I am sure many people feel like all the focus is on SQL Server 2008, and then came the announcement of Kilimanjaro. From a DBA’s angle that is running SQL Server 2005 it may look like we are starting to be put to the side. I can assure you that is not the case. Just this week Microsoft has released the beta for SQL Server 2005 SP3. It can be found here.



Not that I recommend that you install a beta on your production hardware, but it is here and they are starting to work on it. Looks like this will be build 9.00.4028.00. Many people ask how they can get involved with working with Micro Soft and the Beta program. The answer is start small, let Microsoft know that you want to help test and they will slowly start giving you more and more to test. So SQL Server 2005 DBA’s its not time to quite feel like we are starting to be the ones that everyone is waiting on to upgrade.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween, Don’t forget to Vote and the SSWUG vConferenceonline.com Starts Nov 5th.

See you Monday.


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