Windows 7

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well if you have not heard yet. At PDC Microsoft announced it test version Windows 7. Has it been that long since Vista or are we looking at a replacement for what so many see as an OS with issues. From what I hear many parts of the Windows package is going to be changed, even Notepad. As I look back at Vista, I can tell you that I personally have experienced very few problems. I have had some issues installing my printer and well IE seams to want to crash after so many tabs are opened, the count varies…

With that being said I know that I am not in the majority on this one. I like Vista, and well it seams pretty stable from when I am working on it. My biggest complaint is that is that I had to upgrade a machine that was not even 2 years old to get Vista to work. The laptop I am on now claims it was for Vista but I have had no luck getting it installed here. Is Windows 7 going to require me to upgrade again. I know it is odd thinking that with what I do Database Administration that I would want to keep a machine longer then a couple of years, but there is nothing I hate more then having to move everything and fine the programs that are going to work with a new version of what ever. Even SQL Server 2008 I am having to look at the third party tools that I use, and one validate if I still need them and 2 do they support SQL Server 2008.

Well from the way I see it at this point, and I was not at PDC. The versions of windows have gotten better all except ME. So sign me up. As soon as I can get on to a CPT I will be there waiting to install. Maybe that is the nature of who we are. We want the newest and the best.


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