SQL Server Backups

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Database Recovery

Over the last month I have run across to companies both of them are new clients. I am glad they are on board with SQL on Call. What makes concerns me about this situation is that both of these two new clients had a slight problem. Ok slight does not really cover it, they were major problems. Both of the clients contacted SQL on Call both of the clients has a database that was marked as suspect. One of the clients was running SQL Server 2005, the other client was running SQL Server 2000. Both clients had a torn page that caused the suspect database. These were problems, but not the major problem. I client running SQL Server 2005 was fortunate I was able to find the torn page and identify what table was impacted and it was an easy fix. The second client has not been so lucky up to this point (Still researching the options).

Now what I have described is a problem, and a big one. But there was one bigger. Neither of the databases had been backed up, one had never been backed up at all. The good news is that was the one I was able to fix in a very short period of time. The other one had not been backed up in 2 months. They are a small company that is required to be kept all of its data for an extended period of time. I have a couple of options left and I still may be able to fix their database. But if I can’t they are out of 2 months of work. And the legal action could be severe. End result is that they do have hard copies of the data, but what if they didn’t?

The point I am trying to make is that if you run SQL Server Database you really need to make sure that your database is backed up. The database may contain information that is not replaceable. Just today I answered a question on linkedin and it was about a database that is a time card keeper. If this database were lost there would be no record to how many hours’ staff worked. Can you imagine the problems that would create? Backing up your database is one of many tasks that need to be done, but talking to some of my fellow SQL Server Professionals we find that many companies don’t do it.

Don’t lose your company because you don’t backup your data.


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