Have you ever Noticed

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

WARNING not SQL Server related today….

I noticed something today that I have seen many times in the past. It just popped out at me and I could not help but notice it. I was looking at an e-mail from a stranger today, when I say stranger I don’t mean SPAM, or junk. It was a legitimate e-mail, just asking some questions on some specific information that they were looking for. So here is how the e-mail started:


Hello Chris,


And then there was the blah blah blah that made up the rest of the e-mail. Nothing in there worth bloging about, It was all in the Hello. Is it just me or when you read an e-mail you picture in your mind a person speaking to you, the words that you are reading? I sat there and looked at it and I could not help but think that the “Hello” was not what they meant. It was odd. I was sitting there thinking of Bob just saying to me “Hello Chris”. It had that feeling to it that was not very personal, not very warm. Now in this case I actually did know Bob. So in my mind I am seeing Bob say the hello, but I just thought it was odd. Bob normally would see me from across the office and I would hear “Hey Chris”, not “Hello”.

So that is a lot to go through my mind, all about one word. I get many e-mails, I read all of them, and I imagine someone saying what I am reading. A few years ago I was working in an office where e-mail were answered by the CTO with the least amount of key strokes that he could do. It was almost a joke. Really got to the point where it was getting annoying. If I had done a ton of work on getting him some data and I had presented him with a question, it would be common to get the response of “k” and that was it, or just a “1”.

The end result is I think with e-mail being such a strong form of communication there is always be a chance that someone is going to read more into what you are trying to say, or read less then what you are trying to say. The end result is if you read an e-mail and it just make you angry. Double check, make sure that was the intent, and if all else fails… Pick up the phone.


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