Cast Away

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Have you ever felt like you had been in the middle of the ocean stuck in a little raft and you had the knowledge that there was just nothing that you could do. I mean you were going to starve and wither away to nothing. Or maybe lost on a major highway between 2 major cities and in the one spot where the cell phones were not working?

It happened to me tonight. Comcast my internet and cable TV service went down. I just did not know what to do. Now that I am back on-line and I can think of a dozen books I have been meaning to read, or a letter I could write (yes I still write letters on occasion), heck I had dishes to do but that only took 15 min. I can not believe how reliant we have become on technology. My wireless network is up now so I am working on this from the comfort of my bedroom. Getting ready to settle into a poker game on the internet, what great waste of time. This is what you do when you are diagnosed with insomnia and the Doc tells you that the worst thing you can do is sleep. I have to be back up in 7 hours from now, and I have not even started to fall asleep. I will be lucky if its in the next 2 hours.

Oh well, I was just thinking about how reliant we have become in such a short period of time on the internet. That is where my son goes to school (don’t let the schools fool you), this is where I am entertained, this is where I make my living to put food on the table. Thinking about all of this makes me glad I did not switch over to the Comcast Phones. Then I would have really been lost. I might as well have lit a fire, yes the power was on, but nothing worked but the lights…


Just a thought.


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