Interview with Matt Masson

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Interviews

I had a chance a few weeks ago to sit and talk with Matt Masson and I can tell you that I was really impressed. Here is a person that is as down to earth as they get. Over dinner we talked about a number of games that we have played in the past and well how I got my rear-end kicked when I tried to play games with the big boys. The nicest thing about the talk with Matt was his ability to understand what I like and did not like about SSIS. He really took a look at what I was saying about how DBA’s use the tool and how we used DTS when it was still around. Matt is speaking at the SSWUG Conference in November. Here is Matt’s Bio.

Matt Masson – Matt has worked in the BI industry for the past seven years, and is now a developer on the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) team. A experienced programmer with a strong customer focus, he provides a unique insider’s view to the SQL Server 2008 release. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2006, Matt was employed with Cognos Inc., where he worked on various BI and CPM products. He maintains an SSIS blog on, and can frequently be seen trolling the Integration Services support forums.

I sent Matt the same questions that I did with all the speakers and here is what Matt had to say. One of the Questions that I loved the answer to was number 4. I have never thought about the impact that each of these developers have and the stress that they must be under.

  1. If you were not doing anything with technology what would you be doing, what is your dream job?

    Professional gamer. It’s a route I tried, but I just didn’t have the reflexes (or time to dedicate) for it.


  2. Describe your worst day on the Job.

    The day I learned the importance of creating database backups… I forgot to include a WHERE clause in a DELETE statement, and ended up wiping out three months of customer feedback data. Oops.



  3. How did you get started along this career path?

    I wanted to be a game developer. After meeting some people who had worked in the industry, I decided I was better off keeping it as a hobby.


  4. What do you feel has been the biggest accomplishment in your career?

    Working for Microsoft, on software that is used on such a massive scale. It is daunting to think of how many people you can impact with a single line of bad code.


  5. In the past there has been a lot of discussion about Microsoft vs. UNIX based systems, now it seems that it is Microsoft is being attacked by Apple.  Where do you sit on this issue?

    I did a lot of work with Linux in the past (10 years ago I never would have imagined I’d be working for Microsoft), and always got frustrated with the people who felt you had to pick one OS or the other. I like to think of operating systems (or programming languages for that matter) as tools; each has their own strengths, and appropriate uses. People should pick what they are most productive with, and not worry so much when someone else doesn’t see it the same way.

    As a developer, I have always been more productive on windows, using Microsoft tools – even when I was developing *nix server applications.

  6. Do you have a hobby?  If so what is it?

    Various forms of gaming


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