Same Question, but my Answers

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

So I sent out all those questions to many of the SSWUG Conference Speakers and I have posted many of the results. I have not however answered my own questions or have I stated why I asked some of those really off the wall questions. Well I figure that attendees want to know more about the speakers, I know that I like to know where the person is coming from, however there all the speakers are considered experts. I figured that I should toss in a couple of questions so that everyone can see that the experts have days like we do, or goals like we do. I really liked knowing what people are proud of and for some strange reason I think the last question is my favorite.


Interview Questions:

  1. Many technology people do many jobs, for example: I know SQL Server DBA’s that also work with SharePoint. What is the technology that you prefer and why?
    1. This one is a difficult one for me, since I am a business owner with SQL on Call I have had a huge learning curve with learning things like P & L’s, and how to read a contract. That has been a difficult one for me because its not always what the contract says, but more what it does not say.


  2. If you were not doing anything with technology what would you be doing, what is your dream job?
    1. I am a big gun collector. No I am not a hunter, and I have nothing against people that hunt. Its just not for me. I like to skeet shoot and I am a bulls eye shooter. I prefer to shoot my shotguns and skeet but I am pretty limited where I live, but I have as much fun shooting and collecting pistols. So I think my dream job other then what I am doing, maybe a better way to say it is my retirement job will be working with guns or teaching gun safety.


  3. Describe your worst day on the Job.
    1. I was working at with a database that was close to about 80 gig’s. This was a good 10 years ago, anyway the database needed to be restored and my non-technical manager was screaming at me over my shoulder wanting to know why it had not restored in 10 minutes. I really dislike that person.


  4. Where do you see yourself going from here, or what do you think you will be doing 5 years from now.
    1. I hope to see SQL on Call grow and grow. I also want to see the Virtual Conference expand so that everyone who wants a chance at added education can get it without paying huge travel and conference costs.


  5. How did you get started along this career path?
    1. This is a really long story and depending on where I jump into it will change the length of it something fierce. Short of it was I was working with an Antifreeze recycling place that had an Access database. I started asking the guy I saw on my smoke breaks about it because he did Access work. I did not know he was an owner in a larger company that made me an offer to learn SQL Server. Thanks Jim Paine.


  6. What do you feel has been the biggest accomplishment in your career?
    1. Being able to work with people that I have the utmost respect for. People like Stephen Wynkoop who without him I would have never started down the part of my career path, Buck Woody, Ted Malone, Matthew Roche, Julie Yack, Sarah Barela, Brent Ozar, Paul Nielsen and all of the SSWUG and SQL on Call staff.


  7. What are you most excited about with the next release or most recent release of the software that you are working with.
    1. With SQL Server I think it has to be the Data Collector. I look forward to using it and seeing how much better it can make us at our jobs.


  8. In the past there has been a lot of discussion about Microsoft vs. UNIX based systems, now it seams that it is Microsoft is being attacked by Apple. Where do you sit on this issue?
    1. I am not even sure why I asked this question. I am not an Apple fan at all. Maybe its because I don’t use it but I just don’t see a need to or a reason to.


  9. Do you have a hobby? If so what is it?
    1. I love to go Camping and Shooting.


  10. If you were to be born in any year, what year would it be and why?
    1. I guess it would have to be somewhere around 1870 that would have made me 20 or 30 years old when some of the best guns in the world were made. When black powder went smokeless. The west was still pretty open and a claim in the mountains could provide a living for someone with some hard work. I don’t think I would have been a gun fighter.

So there you have it. Expect some more from the speakers soon.

  1. Julie Yack says:

    Wow Chris, guess I should read your blog more often, so I could thank you sooner for the kind words.

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