SharePoint Keynote

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well I am not sure how exciting it is for you, but for me I am pretty excited. I am going to be delivering a key note session at the up coming SSWUG Share Point Conference. At first I wondered why they would want a SQL guy to do a key note at all with a Share Point Conference. But after talking to Ted and going through my mind and thinking back to some of the experiences that I have had with Share Point it started to make since. Share Point has SQL Server as a storage backend, and since the backend is SQL Server it is going to require some maintenance. If you are attending the Share Point Conference then I hope that you enjoy the keynote. It’s really meant for Share Point people that don’t want to go learn everything there is to know about SQL Server just to keep there files around beyond a single crash.

Just in case you think that this SSWUG Conference is going to look like the old “web conferences” of the past I would like to show and tell you about some of the really exciting things that are being done. First of all there is a full blown set. This is a full feature professional set. There are multiple camera angles that are going to show you everything from the speakers face to the speaker’s hands when they try to explain a point by just using there hands. I did not think of the hands as a teaching tool until I saw Tom Norman use construction paper to explain indexes. There is also a machine that has lots of those cool lights and slides on it. This machine is designed so that when the speaker goes to do a demo during the conference you should get a good clear picture of the screen, after all that is done the session is in transcript form so that you can always have a copy of what was said. You can see, hear, and read all the information. If you want to see a small version that will go about 4 time’s larger head over to this page to see what technology can do.


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