Beyond SQL Server 2008

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Over the last couple of days I have had the privilege of meeting Matt Mason and Donald Farmer who work for Microsoft on the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) team. It’s amazing at how insightful the short chat with Mr. Farmer was. Just having the chance to sit and talk with Donald was a pleasure, but he just one of the neatest people that I have met.

On Friday night I had the chance to have dinner with Matt and Paul Neilson (author of the SQL Server 2005 Bible). I really did not want to use this time as an opportunity to get as much information as I could out of Matt and SQL Server MVP Paul, but I just could not help myself. I had to know what was going on behind the curtain, or at least what could they tell me about. I get this feeling that when I talk to people about SQL Server and the release cycle we are either releasing a version or we are waiting for the next version.

From the sounds of it at this point the next version of SQL Server is going to be called SQL Server 11. I guess the use of these cool code names like Yukon and Katmi are a thing of the past. You know I kind of liked them, even if everyone knew what they were, it made it a little 007ish if you know what I mean. From what I gathered based on just observation and this was by in no way mentioned directly but it sounds like there is going to be a big look at the Business Intelligence side of SQL Server. One thing is for sure and that is that the new version is already in the works. I can not wait to see more about what they are going to do with the feature sets.

Are they going to address issues like scalability? What about the creation of server level roles. I know that this is a feature that I would have liked to have seen for a while now. It only took me one time to create a data_reader account on one server with over 100 databases that was just used as a reporting server (now I have a script to do that). I will keep you posted on what I hear with SQL Server 11.




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