Largest Online Technical Learning Event

Posted: September 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well I knew I would have some exciting news today. I am going to be part of the largest on-line technical event. Here is the official announcement. If you are looking at going to this event everything can be found at

SSWUG.ORG Hosts the Largest-Ever Online Technical Learning Event

Over three days, more than 120 sessions from 40 expert speakers will provide the most in-depth online technical learning resource event ever presented

Tucson, AZ, September 16, 2008: November 5, 6 and 7, 2008, SSWUG.ORG is presenting a comprehensive learning event for SQL Server, Business Intelligence, SharePoint and .NET Development technologies, at The online event will present sessions in 12 simultaneous tracks from 40 different industry-recognized presenters. The conference, presented entirely online with broadcast-quality sessions and classes, includes full video of the presenters, downloadable session materials, transcripts and much more. In addition, attendees are not required to travel, instead being able to attend the conference from the comfort of their office or home.

“We’re excited to present this fall conference suite – in the June conference, according to our attendees, combined, they saved more than $2,500,000 in travel and conference expenses alone,” says Stephen Wynkoop, Editor and Founder for SSWUG.ORG. “This, combined with the amazing array of presenters, the decreased time away from the office and the complete learning environment provided by the vConferenceOnline tools means our attendees and exhibitors get an excellent, meaningful online event never before possible.”

SSWUG.ORG is combining four different conference disciplines in the comprehensive conference schedule. Attendees will be able to pick from Business Intelligence, SQL Server, SharePoint and .NET Developer technologies, all running concurrently. In addition, attendees are able to view sessions and download transcripts, scripts, examples and tutorials on-demand following the event.

Chris Shaw, Director of Virtual Conferences, outlines some of the concepts being addressed with the conferences: “We’re really looking to create an amazing community event. We want to make sure attendees are able to gain real-world insights into the technologies they use and support. They’ll also experience a wide array of technologies and, at the same time, they are able to come back, review sessions and pick up those finer points that may have been missed in sessions when they first are attended. The fact that you can review sessions on-demand after the original schedule means you won’t miss a single tip, and you can broaden your skill set by attending sessions from other disciplines,” said Shaw. “Our speakers are well-known book authors, Microsoft MVPs and recognized industry experts. Never before has such an incredible gathering of speakers been presented in an event like this, assuring that the information to be gained is top-notch and rock solid.”

The virtual conference also means people are more environmentally conscious, and at the same time learning in ways simply not possible at traditional conferences. From full transcripts to on-demand materials, real-time chats with speakers and networking with other attendees and vendors, attendees and exhibitors both win.

“The focus is on learning, networking, tips, tricks and techniques that you can put to use the minute you’ve finished with a session. More than 91% of our attendees say they can use what they’ve learned immediately in their jobs. Combine this learning with the eco-friendly online approach, the complete elimination of travel expenses for attendees, the interaction and learning tools provided, the expert speakers – you have a way to vastly increase your knowledge without breaking the bank or expending significant out of office time,” Shaw said.

Exhibitors and Partners include Title Sponsor Idera Software, online labs for attendees are provided by Maximum ASP. Other exhibitors and partners include Quest Software, B-Eye Network, SQL Sentry, AvePoint, SQL on Call and more.

“We’re amazed by the incredible response and can’t wait to bring the world’s largest online technology learning event for the community. This concurrent scheduling will let attendees get the best of all worlds; access to simultaneous sessions, exposure to other technologies and a great learning environment,” said Wynkoop.

About SSWUG.ORG and Bits on the Wire, Inc.

Tucson-based ( is the biggest online community site for database and development professionals in the world. With more than 500,000 registered users, daily columns about issues and technologies that impact the technical professional, weekly online video programs, tips and more, the site brings the community together to solve issues and stay up to date on industry trends. Bits on the Wire, Inc, also based in Tucson, is the parent company for SSWUG.ORG.


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