SQL Server 2008 Tools review

Posted: September 11, 2008 in SQL Server 2008
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I got some really exciting news today. I talked with Stephen Wynkoop, the founder of SSWUG and Microsoft MVP. It looks like we are going to get him to do an additional session. A review of some of the new tools that come inside SQL Server 2008, he will also be doing all the keynotes that went really well in the last VConference that were based on SQL Injection. The code samples that he showed in the keynotes were amazing. It one thing to hear about how people do it, but a completely different thing when you can see how this code damages your database so bad.

To top the day off I got to talk to Donald Farmer a BI Guru that really had a lot of great things to say. Many times you meet these people and when you talk to them about problems that you see on a day to day basis you worry that you are the only one that is going to see that problem. Let me give you an example. I ran into something funny with SQL Server 2008 last week. My system computer was showing that I had x amount of memory yet the SQL Server that I thought was installed locally was showing 4 times that. I thought wow, maybe something is really wrong here. I jumped up on the newsgroups on Microsoft and posted my question. I was really surprised when I got a lighting fast response from a friend of mine Kalen Delaney author of the Inside SQL Server books. After a couple of posts that went back and forth I figured out that it was completely on my side and that I was looking at another server via my client tools. Thanks to Kalen for the help. But did I feel stupid. I guess it just reminds me to stick to the details.

Well good day for now. Chances are you are going to see an exciting announcement from me some time tomorrow. There is some things that I have been working with and I think it will be announced in the next 24 hours.


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