Networking and SSWUG Conference

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Uncategorized


I am trying to make sure that I use all these networking tools that they have on the internet now. In the last couple years they have added linkedin, myspace, facebook and now twitter.

One of the hard parts about my job is making sure that everyone knows about the really cool things we have coming up for the next SSWUG conference. The SQL Speakers are top notch and can be found on this site along with the Speakers for the BI Conference, SharePoint Conference and the .Net Conference. I do want to Thank the help that Julie Yack, Matthew Roche and Ted Malone for all they have done to help put this content together.

For the SSWUG Fall Conference we have a number of awesome speakers, these are the ones that I have listed here to the left. Not only have we got these speakers we now have the ability to offer a lab environment for every attendee. This has been done with a partnership with Maximum ASP.

If you would like to follow me or keep up with any of the internet networking I can be found on:


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