Training of the Future is Now!

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Folio posted an article on July 31st that I think is showing the wave to the future. Prices are going up in travel, and the cost to get a trainer to come to you is larger then what many people can afford to pay. On top of all that budgets are shrinking, and companies are expecting the employees to start paying for their own training. The end result is there is an answer for you.

Conferences that are the future are done on-line. So how do you know when to pick an online conference? Look at the feature sets it offers – Do you have to pick up a phone and dial into a call? If so imagine your ear stuck to a phone for 8 hours and get an idea of how much of a learning experience that will be. Another key thing to look for is what you are going to see. Are you going to see a glorified web-cast with a bunch of power points shoved in your face while you are spending time trying to listen to a speaker you can not see? Think about it this way… When you were in school every teacher had a different teaching style:

I once had a history teacher in collage that instead of a lecture he would act the parts that he was teaching. I have studied Lewis and Clark many times. But it never sat in my head until the instructor played the part and was showing the class how people would row down a river, or talk to Native Americans that did not speak the same language. Best class I took, and now I love to learn about History.

Each student has a different learning style. Some can just pick up a book or read the notes and they are good with that, others can just listen to the lecture. Some students need the ability to see visual aids that the instructor had. Many people need a combination of these. In short I think that if you spend the time looking at all of the conferences that are out there you will find the best experts, the best quality and the best learning experience at


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