SQL Server 2008 Gets Smart with IntelliSense

Posted: August 5, 2008 in SQL Server 2008

I found it found something interesting today as I was helping a client work through an issue with SQL Server 2005. See the client of mine is working on moving a bunch of code to Stored Procedures. The client is currently on SQL Server 2005 and I was showing them a couple of samples of code by using SQL Server 2008 because that is what I have installed on my machine. What I found interesting was as I was going though this we ran across the function in SQL Server 2008 that helps you complete your code. I believe the official name of this is called IntelliSense. I was explaining what it was and it dawned on me that they might not know that the Dynamic Help feature was there.

This brings me to the though process that there are still a lot of hidden gems inside SQL Server 2005 that a lot of people are not using or just are not aware that they are there. When 2008 is released in a couple of months we are going to be in the same situation.

As far as IntelliSense is concerned, if you have not seen it yet, check out the latest RC to see how it works. It may take a little getting use to for us DBA’s but for those people who have been using .net for a while will pick it up right away. Some of the neat things that it can do for you is underline what it believes to be bad syntax with the red you spelled something wrong line like in Word. However, I found that so far its not working with Inserts and Updates as well as it does the other SQL Statements. The best part about this is that it is installed on default. It’s not a feature that you have to go in and tune or set it up.


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