A Side Note Today (Become an Author)

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Links

Many people ask me how they can start moving forward with there career. One of the things that I will suggest is that they start writing. Sometimes this can be a little overwhelming to people. The obvious questions are what do we write about, or if I do write, where can I publish my articles. Blogs, are not as well known as magazines so how do I move forward with this?

I found a site today that is looking for authors, the site is http://www.officeusers.org/. It’s a great resource for people that use office products and the company will pay if they print your article. The way that I would recommend that you get started is by just finding something that you fell comfortable with and sit down and do an article on it. Send it into Office Users or http://www.sswug.org/.

The benefits from doing this are great. First of all you have something new to your resume. If you do enough articles you can start to make a “Name” for yourself. The Second benefit of this is you get paid for your extra effort, and all you are doing is sharing with people what you know or what you have learned.


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