Just something Funny

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So we have all had the stupid question you know the one that really makes you go oh my gosh. This person should just be shot.  Some of my favorites are my printer does not work, or what about this monitor.  They are good questions it just rarely do I work on hardware other then servers,  so when I got this I had to write it down.  I am really interested in hearing your funny questions.  The ones like yes Mauve database do have more RAM.

I work with computers all day so as IT people know we get calls all the time from relatives to ask us that one question they can not solve. My Grandmother called and asked how to change her screen saver, after I mentioned that she right click she kept replying that it was doing nothing… She then asked if click was spelled C L I C K.


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