Can You Recover Your Data?

Posted: March 11, 2008 in Database Recovery

As a SQL Server DBA working in the industry everyday I see a number of issues. Many of these issues I talk about on the SQL on Call show that can be found on I plan to use this blog as a place where I can share what I see in the field on a day to day basis. This information may or may not appear in the show.

One of the biggest challenges that I see today in our industry as a whole is education of the client. For those of us who work in the industry everyday and with the product everyday we know what needs to be done to recover a database backup. Believe it or not I speak to people out in the business world that do not understand IT, It took me a little while before it really clicked to me. Let me give you an example, as a DBA I know that we need to run backups, I know that they need to go to some other media then what is on my local hard drives, and I know that we should test these on occasion. However, if I was a Dr. that spent years in schools and I specialize in lets say hand surgery how am I supposed to know this information?

As consultants, services, or IT folks in general we need to take time to make sure that our audience or clients understand what causes many of the “Disasters” that can be had on their servers. Where I find the biggest challenge with this is making sure that I can be informational without having to explain each part of the process to them. I have no issue in talking to them in depth but I have to face the facts. Most people are to busy to get the whole picture.


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